Passion Gear: Penis enlargement attachments

Preoccupied with the size of his own intimate dignity, a man usually forgets to ask a woman if she satisfies him in bed. Some people believe that wives are simply faking orgasms to save the family, while they themselves are ready to run off on a date with a stallion that nature has not spared a member of.

What does a woman need in the process of intimacy? There are very simple ways to check how a woman responds to penis length and thickness. You just need to go to an intimate store and buy the penile attachments. It is actually a very convenient and practical thing. Without surgical interventions and daily exhausting exercises, a man can enlarge his penis in an instant. The nozzle is applied in the same way as the condom. Just a few seconds and you can start trading. She responds appropriately. If the device does not suit him, causes discomfort or pain, then he categorically rejects it. But if you like the penis in this form, then this sex toy will become a regular part of your love games.

In women, the process of conception does not involve orgasm. A woman can get pregnant without getting pleasure. But a man's task is to give a woman a full-fledged orgasm, and not to think only about his own pleasures. The size of the penis can affect the fullness of the sensations, but the choice should remain with the woman.

Erogenous zones in a woman are located at the entrance to the vagina and near the cervix. Each person is obliged to find these zones and learn to stimulate them. The clitoris is the main organ of irritability in women. It is located at the top, in the region of the labia minora, and contact with it causes the most violent and vivid orgasm. In this case, a man may not even use his penis. Your tongue or fingers will do.

The skillful possession of a member allows you to act on all the erogenous zones of the vagina at the same time, causing crazy pleasure. The nozzles of the penis make it possible to solve this difficult but very important task in sexual relations.

Types of penile nozzles

Sex shops offer various accessories for penis enlargement. OK:

  • extension;
  • to thicken the penis;
  • stimulant;
  • closed;
  • open;
  • extension nozzles with penis replacement function.
Penis enlargement vibrator

Extenders are like a condom with an extension on the end. Externally, the extender is designed as a continuation of the penis, ending in a head that looks like a natural part of a real penis. By picking up the right sized nozzles, the penis can be enlarged by 2, 5 or even 10 cm. The extension nozzles should be applied to the erect penis in the same way as a regular condom. The man experiences the same sensations as when he has sex with a condom. The woman's feelings are complemented by the penetration of a large penis.

The thickening nozzle is placed tightly on the excited penis and covers its entire length. Inside the nozzle, there is a hole with a diameter of 2-3 cm to accommodate the penis, so that it does not separate from the penis during friction, a special ring is attached to the scrotum. The nozzles increase the diameter of the penis by 60-66%. They are generally preferred by women with a shallow but wide vagina.

Stimulating nozzles allow the woman's erogenous zones to be further influenced. They have a special surface relief that allows stimulation of the nerve endings of the vaginal walls along the entire length, starting from the entrance.

Various soft spikes, balls, pimples cause bright and unusual sensations. Special procedures can be used to further stimulate the clitoris and G-spot.

Open nozzle that increases the thickness of the penis

Closed nozzles, like condoms, do not allow direct contact between the penis and the vagina and retain sperm. This allows you to use them as contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy, as well as to prevent infection with sexually transmitted diseases. Such nozzles can increase the length and width of the member. Sufficiently thick walls of the nozzles dampen the sharpness of sensations in the man, which delays ejaculation and contributes to longer sex. For men suffering from premature ejaculation, this is a positive factor. A woman considers the use of a closed nozzle as protected sex and behaves unabashedly, completely surrendering to her feelings.

Open nozzles leave the head of the penis exposed. They only increase the thickness of the penis. A man gets the fullness of his feelings from sex, and a woman gets a thick phallus. Ejaculation occurs directly inside a woman, which further enhances the excitement of sensations. Sperm have a favorable effect on the microflora of the vagina, which is only beneficial for the female body. But if you do not plan to become pregnant at this time, you must take birth control.

Accessories with penis replacement function

The penis extender is designed for men with erectile problems. These are phalloprostheses. For the penis, there is a cavity inside the prosthesis into which it is inserted.Extension nozzle with penis replacement function for erectile problemsSuch an extension is placed on a member in any state, even in the absence of an erection. The prosthesis is attached to the man's torso with the help of a special fastening system, in the form of a belt, rubber band or underpants.

The phalloprosthesis is inserted into the vagina and performs all the functions of the penis, completely replacing it during sexual intercourse. A woman perceives such a nozzle as a real penis with a condom and receives the full range of sensations from sex. A man gets nothing but moral satisfaction from the pleasure he gives his beloved woman.

During intercourse, the penis may become excited and fully erect. The inner cavity of the penile prosthesis must allow the stimulated member to fit in its full volume. But the thick and rather rigid walls of the nozzle do not allow the penis to feel the woman's vagina, and therefore ejaculation does not occur. In this case, a simple tactical move should be used. The erect penis is released from the nozzle, inserted into the vagina, and the man ends the intercourse naturally after having a full-fledged orgasm.

Selection and application of nozzles

Nozzles used for penis enlargement must be made of high-quality flexible materials that are safe for humans and do not cause allergic reactions. It can be latex, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), silicone and special rubber.

Tips made of cyberskin material are very popular among women. It mimics human skin as closely as possible.

It will be better if a man and a woman choose the nozzles together. They know the peculiarities of their physiology and will be able to find optimal solutions. Sleeves are also divided into small, medium and large (elongated) depending on their depth and internal diameter. Accordingly, for maximum pleasure, nozzles should be selected according to the size of the vagina. The table shows how a woman's feelings depend on the size of her partners' genitals.

The nature of feelings

penis size

Sleeve size

Pleasant feelings

Extra large: over 23 cm

Large: 22. 8 cm deep, 7. 5 cm in diameter

Large: 19-23 cm

Medium: 13-15 cm deep, 4-6 cm in diameter

Medium: 15-19 cm

Small: 9-10 cm deep, less than 2. 5 cm in diameter

Averagely pleasant feeling

Large: 19-23 cm

Large: 22. 8 cm deep, 7. 5 cm in diameter

Medium: 15-19 cm

Medium: 13-15 cm deep, 4-6 cm in diameter

Small: 7-11 cm

Small: 9-10 cm deep, less than 2. 5 cm in diameter

Minimal feelings

Small: 7-11 cm

Large: 22. 8 cm deep, 7. 5 cm in diameter


Large: 19-23 cm

Small: 9-10 cm deep, less than 2. 5 cm in diameter

The selected nozzles must be used properly so as not to harm the health of sexual partners.

The application rules are quite simple:

  • Before the first use, the device must be washed with warm water and soap and then air-dried.
  • The inner surfaces are treated with powder so as not to rub the penis.
  • The magnifying nozzle is only worn on an erect penis.
  • The outside is lubricated so as not to damage the walls of the vagina.
  • The penis cannot be lubricated with lubricant. The nozzle may break off the penis and remain in the vagina.
  • After sexual intercourse, the nozzle should be washed with warm water, dried and sprinkled with powder.

Nozzles for penis enlargement can bring harmony to the intimate life of sexual partners.