Penis enlargement: methods of lengthening, stretching, thickening

From adolescence, the penis becomes a virtue for a person, and jokes about its small size or inappropriate thickness are considered insults and cause psychological discomfort. The young man starts looking for ways to make his penis thicker and longer. At the same time, without thinking about whether the problem really exists and whether something needs to be done.

penis measurement after extension

Various methods have been developed to thicken and stretch the penis, but not all of them are effective and safe.

What are the normal dimensions and what determines the length and growth of the penis

The phallus is composed entirely of cavernous fibers and increases in size when excited. In some men - only in length, in others - in width, in others the entire volume of the organ increases. Scientists have conducted many studies to understand what determines penis size. And they concluded that from genetic factors.

The length of the penis in adult men in an erect state is 12-16 cm, and its thickness is 3-4 cm. These are averages, not minimums. We can say that the size of the male organ deviates from the norm if its length in the excited state is less than 8 cm.

The measurement requires three conditions:

  • fully formed body (after 18 years);
  • complete excitement;
  • right angle between body and penis.

The length of the penis is determined with a ruler or measuring tape, and the circumference with a centimeter tape.

The established opinion that a man's small genitals are the cause of his partner's sexual dissatisfaction is a myth. The depth of the vagina is about 10 cm, and a member whose length does not reach this indicator is found in only 3% of men.

There are many reasons that affect the reduction or enlargement of the penis:

  • Weight change. 5 kilograms exceeding the norm visually hides the 1 cm length of the penis. Accordingly, it is enough to lose weight to regain self-confidence.
  • Hormones taken to increase muscle mass. The decrease in the level of androgens is not visual, but leads to an actual reduction of the penis. Basically, bodybuilders face the problem.
  • Failed penis enlargement surgery. A physiological feature or an error by the surgeon can have a negative effect.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis?

The small size of masculinity strains men and shackles communication with the opposite sex. For this reason, many people seriously consider using various techniques to change the proportions of the body. Men are not satisfied with the normal size of the penis (for medical reasons). Increasing this becomes a priority task for them.

a man looks at his penis and thinks about increasing its length

It is possible to create a large penis, but not all methods are equally effective. In fact, some are useless and dangerous. Therefore, consult your doctor before using a penis extender. After the test, it becomes clear which technique gives the result and whether the desired amount can be achieved.

The larger the organ, the more blood is needed to fill the cavernous fibers. Otherwise, the state of erection becomes impossible and the quality of sex decreases.

Surgical enlargement of the penis

Ligamentotomy is the correction of male dignity. It gives an undeniable visual result - an increase in length of 6 cm and a thickening of 1 cm. These are possible complications that remain for a lifetime and patient dissatisfaction with the result.

How is a ligamentotomy performed?

The surgical correction of the male organ takes place in two stages. First, the doctor lengthens the penis due to the incision and stretching of its own "hidden" tissues. Then you fix them in a new position.

The second step is to change the thickness of the penis using lipofilling. The doctor injects the patient's own fat tissue or special injections. In the first case, the effect lasts up to 2 years, in the second - a little more than six months.


Ligamentotomy (penis enlargement) is an operation that does not belong to the complex category. After the incision, a barely noticeable trace of the suture remains. And injection procedures leave a slight temporary scratch.

Mandatory conditions for the rehabilitation period after intimate peniloplasty:

  • antiseptic treatment of the wound at home or in the clinic;
  • periodic inspection based on prior appointment;
  • exclusion of sexual contact within 3 weeks after surgery.


Plastic surgery of the penis is not without its negative aspects. In the first week after surgery, the patient has symptoms that accompany any surgical intervention:

  • pain after invasion;
  • edema of the organ;
  • temperature rise.

If the surgeon makes mistakes and does not observe the conditions of the postoperative period, tissue infection and inflammation are possible.

In the long run, an increase in male dignity can cause the following:

  • reduced sensitivity of the head;
  • changing the direction of the penis during erection (not up, but down or to the side);
  • instability during sexual intercourse;
  • necrosis of cells injected under the skin.

How to enlarge the penis at home

The benefits of male enhancement surgery are debatable. In addition, surgical contouring of the penis is not always possible due to medical contraindications.

There are other penis enlargement methods that you can use on your own and get tangible results without surgery.


The device tightens the phallus. To get rid of the discomfort, the elongated tissues grow and gradually the male penis grows.

penis extender

Manufacturers offer devices with different mounting and operating methods. The most effective are the vacuum and the belt.

Improper use of the extender is dangerous by damaging the foreskin and glans penis.

air pump

pump for penis enlargement

By circulating air and increasing pressure, the device improves blood flow and the supply of cavernous fibers. The pump ensures the stretching of the phallus and improves potency, but only for a while, so it is better to use the device before sex.

Gel, spray, ointment, cream, tablet

Pharmaceutical preparations for penis enlargement work, but you don't have to expect miracles from their use. Best of all, the remedy for continued use with massage and appliances proves its purpose.

penis attachment

This is an artificial enlarger that allows you to achieve an impressive size in girth and length, improves erection, does not require cardinal interventions and long-term exercises. Penis attachments come in both open and closed designs, are made of latex or silicone, and are leather-like. To increase the length of the male genital organ (up to 10 cm), you should choose a closed nozzle.


It is an effective ancient method that consists of movements similar to milking. As a result, the corpora cavernosa elongates and "sucks up" more blood during an erection.

Jelqing ensures the lengthening of the penis while systematically working on the problem. Important conditions: the use of additional drugs and incomplete erection during classes.

Method number 1

Heat the phallus dry (with a heated salt bag), grasp it at the base of the penis, forming a tight ring with your fingers and slowly move your fingers towards the head without touching.

For the first time, it is enough to do 40 stretches and gradually increase their number to 200.

Method number 2

With one or two palms (depending on size), squeeze the penis for 10 seconds, then pull it in different directions. Pain should not be felt.

Penis enlargement exercises

The experts have developed several sets of exercises to increase the organ. Some are performed when the penis is relaxed, and others are performed in an erotic state. It is enough to choose the right one and conduct the lessons three times a day. No one should be disturbed at this time.


The massage is performed with stretching and tightening exercises. Before the procedure, the genital organ must be warmed up. You can use dry heat or wet packs. The main thing is not to damage the tissues during the session.

Suspension of loads

After pre-warming, a patch is attached behind the head, and a line and load are attached to it. Sitting should not cause pain and numbness in the tissues. 15 minutes is enough for the first time.

weight set to increase penis length

The load lengthens the phallus, but does not increase its circumference. In addition, the method is traumatic.

Whatever method is chosen to prolong male dignity, it should not cause pain. First, you need to undergo an examination and get a doctor's approval to use a certain method. It is absolutely necessary to go for an examination from time to time so that the numbness of the tissues does not become a side effect of exercise or the use of equipment.